dinsdag 23 juni 2009

SharePoint Social Computing

Social computing with SharePoint

Bring your people together

Social computing gives information workers new ways to create value together. Blogs, podcasts, and other social media help them capture and share knowledge, enhancing innovation and teamwork. Social networks make it easy to find expertise and stay connected to key contacts. People can self-organize to solve problems and meet customer needs. Microsoft® SharePoint® delivers the power of social computing in the context of a complete collaboration solution—right alongside the tools that people already use every day to get work done and move your organization forward.

SharePoint social computing

This demo delivers the details on how social computing features in Microsoft® SharePoint® can help your organization become more agile, innovative, and connected. Beginning with a general introduction to the rise of Enterprise 2.0, it walks you through key social technologies, including social networking with My Sites, finding experts with People Search, and capturing and sharing knowledge with social media including blogs and podcasts. You will learn how SharePoint delivers social computing in context, working closely with the Microsoft Office system and other technology as part of a complete collaboration solution. And, you will see how SharePoint provides social technology without the need to buy, integrate, or manage additional software, delivering maximum value for your investment.

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Explore the enterprise social computing features of SharePoint

Enterprise 2.0 made easy

Microsoft® SharePoint® provides rich features for enterprise social computing, from social networking tools like My Sites to social content technologies such as blogs, wikis, RSS and more. Because SharePoint and Microsoft Office are applications that people use every day, you can begin connecting, conversing, and innovating right away. Social computing is a natural extension of the total SharePoint collaboration solution—once you have SharePoint, you have the foundation of Enterprise 2.0, with nothing additional to buy, manage, or integrate into your IT infrastructure. Explore the social features of SharePoint and discover how easy it is to get the benefits of social computing in your organization.

 SharePoint Capabilities overview example

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